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LittleNex Membership

LittleNex Digital Studio Corp. is the owner of and All products purchased at either sites are processed via LittleNex's store. That is why the email you receive with the purchased product in attachment comes from LittleNex. is our members-only site. In addition to the material and resources presented at and, the members-only site offers an interactive one-player role-playing game linked to the Chinese and English curriculums, a set of language courses including lessons, exercises, activities, and quizzes.

A membership gives you unlimited access to all of LittleNex's digital content including its role-playing game linked to the English and Chinese language curriculums, the mini-games, and all the educational material such as flashcards, vocabulary lists, eBooks, and goodies.

Our members-only site offers a one-semester membership giving full access to all its digital content. Teachers can request additional restricted logins for their students. No personal data is collected. For more details, please visit LittleNex's FAQ.

The subscription is FREE if the school is located in an economically depressed area or mainly serves students from under-privileged backgrounds.


Just click on a BUY button. You will be redirected to our payment partner PAYPAL for check out. No Paypal account? You can simply use your regular debit or credit card to pay for an item. As soon as your payment is processed, an email with your purchase will be sent to the email address you provided to Paypal during checkout.

Yes - we take security very seriously! All credit card transactions through Games2LearnEnglish are completed via Paypal, one of the world's leading payment processing company. All transactions are carried out by Paypal and Games2LearnEnglish does not store any credit card details.

No. Paypal can process your payment with your regular debit or credit card.

Unfortunately all sales are final, we cannot refund any purchases. Please refer to the free samples before making a purchase to make sure this is what you want to buy.

All prices are shown in USD (American US dollars). When you continue onto the Paypal payment process, Paypal will show you the conversion for your currency.

If you do not have a Paypal account, simply choose the other option to pay with your regular credit or debit card. Then make sure to fill out all the required fields including the very first one asking for the country you live in so that all other fields in the form can adapt to the specifics of your location. The rest is pretty much what you would experience anywhere else on the web for online shopping.

Please make sure during the checkout process to:

If we can verify that you have been billed more than you should have, we will issue you a refund. Please contact us to let us know.

If you are a school or institution and do not wish to go for a school subscription, please contact us directly to discuss possible discounts.


When you see the Thank You page after your Paypal payment is done, head over to your inbox (the one associated with your Paypal account or the one you provided during the checkout process). You should see an email from us. If you do not see it, please check your spam folder. This may take a few minutes. The product you just bought should be in the attachment of the email. If the product is quite large, you will see a link to the product for you to download.

We have partnered with CreateSpace and Amazon to either produce, sell or send non-digital books and other products on our behalf. Please refer to their websites and FAQ for any questions.

Please check your inbox, spam and junk folders. Note that the email may take a few minutes to appear in your inbox after a purchase have been made.

If you purchased the product from your workplace or any other place with a strongly restrictive firewall, the email may have been rejected.

You may also want to check that the email address you provided during the checkout process has been typed correctly.

No. Some products are books or other non-digital items. We have partnered with CreateSpace and Amazon to either produce, sell or send non-digital books and other products on our behalf. Please refer to their websites and FAQ for any questions.

Some are PDFs, some other may be .JPG or .PNG, which are common picture formats.

Check the status of your Flash Player on Adobe's Flash test page:

If your Flash Player is out of date, follow these steps to update it.

  1. Download the up-to-date software from Adobe:
  2. Important! Make sure you clear the checkbox in the "Optional Offer" section before you click "Install Now."
  3. When your download has finished, close Safari.
  4. Open the Flash Player installer file you downloaded, and follow the prompts to install the new Flash Player on your computer.
  5. Re-launch Safari.

If this still doesn't work, or if your Flash Player was already up-to-date, you may need to enable Flash in your browser preferences.

Enable Flash on Safari 9:

  1. Open the "Safari" menu and select "Preferences."
  2. Click the "Security" tab. Make sure the following boxes are checked: Enable JavaScript and Allow Plug-Ins.
  3. Click "Manage Website Settings" and choose Adobe Flash Player.
  4. Find "When visiting other websites" and select "Allow."

Enable Flash on Safari 10:

  1. Follow Steps 1 and 2 above, then:
  2. Click Plugin-Settings on the security menu. It will open up a pop-up. Select Games2learnEnglish from the menu above and select On.
  3. Press Done.

For more help, try the Adobe and Apple sites.

No. LittleNex Digital Studio Corp. is still the copyright owner of all its products. By making a purchase, you actually obtain a license to use the product.

You can use the product for any personal or professional use. However, you CANNOT use the product commercially (example: resell or redistribute the product, claim copyright ownership, etc.)

No one. You cannot resell or give the product to anyone else. You cannot share the product on any platform.

No, that would be illegal. The license you just bought with the product is not transferable.


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Images and thumbnails are for illustrative purposes only and are not representative of the final products which are in digital format unless specified otherwise.
Please refer to the free samples and description provided before making any purchase decision. All purchases are final.

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