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Online English Dictionaries

The Free Dictionary by Farlex
The World's most comprehensive free online dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia with synonyms, definitions, idioms, abbreviations, and medical, financial, and legal specialized dictionaries.

The Collins Dictionaries
Choose between British English and American English with one click only. Word games and thesaurus are also provided.

The Oxford Dictionaries
Free online english dictionary from Oxford Dictionaries. These are complete and accurate references for the English language.

The Online Slang Dictionary
Definitions for American, English, and Urban slang.

The American Slang Dictionary
A dictionary that explains commonly used American slang words.

Irish Dictionary Online
A very simple and straight-forward Irish-English dictionary.

Dictionary of the Scots Language
This is a dictionary by the University of Glasgow and supported by the Scottish government.

The Australian National Dictionary
This is the online version of The Australian National Dictionary which covers the 10,000 words and idioms that make up the Australian contribution to the English language.

The Singlish Dictionary
Singlish or Singapore English derives from English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Online Translators

Cockney Rhyming Slang
A fun and well-designed online translator from the world's biggest and most accurate dictionary of Cockney.

Google Translate
Whatever your fist language is, Google Translate can offer you a reasonably accurate English translation with pronunciation clues and audio pronunciation.

Video Websites in English

TED talks
A collection of talks and lectures on different subjects by interesting or quirky personalities.

BBC News
News from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), a public-service broadcaster of the United Kingdom.

The Cable News Network (CNN) is an American television channel owned by Time Warner.

Resources For Kids

Unite For Literacy
A collection of short read-alouds covering many varied subjects.

An educational website in simple English with documentaries and movies for students aged 6 to 17. BrainPOP covers the subjects of science, social studies, English, mathematics, engineering and technology, health, and arts and music.

Aesop's Fables
Aesop's fables online with beautiful illustrations from the American Library of Congress.

Storyline Online
A collection of read-alouds covering well-known fiction books for children.

100+ Free Video Read Alouds
A collection of read-alouds from the Indianapolis Public Library.

Cultures of the English-Speaking World

Culture 24
Latest news, exhibition reviews and features from UK museums, galleries, heritage and archaeology sites.

A good segment on US history, the Civil War, and the Wild West.
Videos from are about world history but their focus is on American history.

Advanced English

American Rhetoric
A collection of speeches from politicians and other personalities.

Movie Screenplays
A large collection of screenplays from well-known American and British movies or series allows the student to get familiar with dialogs, slang words, language usage and phrases that might not readily appear in the normal course of language study.

Common Errors in English Usage
Washington State University's list of common errors in English usage. Note that the errors listed are those usually made by the Americans themselves, and not by foreigners learning ESL.

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English Bookmarks

Bookmarks to Print Out

Free Bookmarks from

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Choose Your English Name

Know the Meaning of your Name

English Learning Resources

Interested in knowing the Chinese meaning of those names?

Girl Names

Abby Source of Joy
Aline Fair
Ally Of Sacred Fame
Amber Jewel
Ann Grace, Mercy
Audrey Strong
Betty Consecrated to God
Becky The Ensnarer
Cathy Pure
Chloe Blooming
Cynthia Moon Goddess
Debbie The Bee
Diane Virgin Goddess
Ella Elfin
Emma Ancestress
Eve Life Giving
Faye Fairy
Gloria Glorious
Gwen Fair
Helen Light
Irene Peace
Jane God's Gracious Gift
Jenny White wave
Jessie Woman of Wealth
Julie Youthful
Kara Dear One
Karen Pure one
Kate Pure
Kay Rejoicing
Laura The Laurel
Lea The Meadow
Lily The lily flower
Linda Beautiful
Lisa Consecrated to God
Lucy Love light
Lynn A Cascade
Maia Star
Maggie Pearl
Mary Star of the Sea
Megan Great
Morgan Sea's Edge
Nancy Grace
Nina Mighty
Olivia Symbol of Peace
Peggy Pearl
Penny Weaver
Renee Born Again
Rita Pearl
Ruth Friend to All
Sabrina Goddess of Severn River
Sadie Princess
Sally Princess
Sandy Helper of Mankind
Sarah True Princess
Shirley From the White Meadow
Sibyl Wise
Simone It is Heard
Tammy Perfect
Tara Tower
Tiffany Appearance of a God
Tina Little One
Tracy Fighter
Vicky Victorious
Wendy Wanderer
Zoe Life Giving

Boy Names

Aaron Enlightened
Alan Handsome One
Alec Great Protector
Andy Valiant
Arthur Champion
Barry Marksman
Ben Son of Right Hand
Bert Bright
Brian Noble
Charlie Manly
Colin People's Victory
Connor Lover of Hounds
Dan Ruler of the World
David Beloved
Dylan Faithful
Eddy Happy Protector
Emmett Hard Working
Ethan Endurance
Eugene Born of the Yew Treed
Gabby Man of God
Gale A Stranger
Gary Spear Champion
George Farmer
Grant Great
Harry Power
Henry Ruler of the House
Hugo Fire
Ian God is Gracious
Jack Godly
Jason God is my Saviour
Jeff Peace Bringer
Jerry Exalted
Joey God Multiplies
John God is Gracious
Justin Just
Keith Forest
Ken Handsome
Kevin Handsome
Lewis Warrior
Luke Luminous
Mark Warlike
Matt Gift of the Lord
Mike Like God
Neil Champion
Nick People Triumph
Owen Well-Born
Paul Small
Peter Rock or Stone
Ray Wise Guardian
Richard Powerful Ruler
Riley Valiant
Robin Bright Fame
Roger Famous Warrior
Ross Wood
Sam God has heard
Sean Heavenly Generosity
Stanley Stony Field
Stephen Crown
Ted Gift from God
Tim Honouring God
Todd Fox
Tommy Dependable
Tony Beyond Praise
Warren Protective Friend
Wayne Craftsman
Will Resolute Protector

Illustrations are not representative of the learning tools which are in digital format unless specified otherwise.