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English Learning Wallpapers

English Learning Wallpapers
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Cheatsheet Wallpapers

Prefixes in the English Language

Visual Memory Wallpapers

English Idioms

PC Download Instructions

Right-click on the image and choose "Set As Wallpaper" or "Set As Background."

Wallpaper for MAC OS9

  1. Control-click and select "Save this Image as" or "Download image to Disk" to your Desktop.
  2. Go to Apple menu > Control Panel and select "Appearance."
  3. Select the "Desktop" tab and select the "Place Picture..." button.
  4. Locate your wallpaper.
  5. Click "Set Desktop."

Wallpaper for MAC OS X

  1. Control-click and select "Download image to Disk."
  2. Save wallpaper to Desktop.
  3. Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Personal section and select "Desktop."
  4. On the "Collection" pulldown menu, go to "Choose Folder" and locate the appropriate wallpaper.

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